Lotus please get it right

Exige Rear Right B and W_Snapseed

Last year I changed the final-drive on my 2007 Lotus Exige S. I strengthened the third and fourth gear and installed a stronger and shorter ratio final-drive. The stronger third and fourth are slightly longer gears than the standard ones. So I opted to install a lower ratio final drive to compensate for this and installed a quick shifter in the process. I ended up with such a sweet ‘box, that the engineers at Hethel wouldn’t have imagined it in their wildest dreams. What were they thinking when they took a gearbox from a Toyota saloon and installed it in a supercharged version of the engine?

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Considerations when buying a ‘toy’


I have been through quite a few cars in the last years of my life. Petrol has gone to my head. I have learnt to dirty my hands, empty my pockets and feel the immense joy of losing a tenth of a second at the track. I have made impulse decisions which haven’t always gone well and I have driven through some beautiful roads on numerous road-trips. Cars are a disease, an incurable mental condition that intensifies as the years go by.

Here are a few of the lessons I have learnt along the way:

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