The development of the Porsche Cayman


Porsche was not new to mid-engine cars when the car to which the Cayman owes its existence was presented to the motoring world in 1993 at the Detroit Motoring Show. Although the car which Porsche arguably owes its existence to may be said to be the most notorious rear engine car ever produced, Porsche’s first cars were mid-engined cars.

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2015 Mazda MX5 MK4 Driven


This summer, while on holiday in the Black Forest in Germany I stopped at a petrol station and from the corner of my eye I saw a car transporter which carried a number of cars that I looked at with the look of ‘I know you very well but I can’t quite place you’ – the car transporter was laden with various examples of the new MK4 Mazda MX5. I appreciate that the car world is divided about its looks but I think it looks lovely. The front end looks aggressive, bonnet pointing down sharply at the nose, and there is something quite F-type at the rear end which gives it a sense of purpose that no other previous MX5 has had. This is the first MX5 with a ‘nothing’s sweet about me’ attitude.

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Touring Northern Sicily by Car


A lot has been written about Sicily. Geographically it is separated from Italy and therefore from mainland Europe only by the Straits of Messina and it is sixty odd miles north of Malta. Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean, hosting the tallest active volcano in Europe (Mount Etna) and, due to its geo-physical qualities, it offers a spectacularly varied terrain ranging from snow-capped mountain ranges to long sandy beaches, rivers, sea-side cliffs and impressive views both inland and along the coast.

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My dream car

Porsche 930 Turbo

One of the verses in a song which stuck to my mind in my teenage years was “lose your dreams and you will lose your mind” by the Rolling Stones (Ruby Tuesday). And although I’ve often risked losing my mind as I grew up, I’ve never lost my dreams. Dreaming about cars is what I do from the moment I open my eyes in the morning, till I put myself to sleep at night browsing classifieds. I sometimes make it a challenge to find all the cars of a particular model for sale in the world at one given time. It is always an exercise in futility. But the beauty of dreaming is that there doesn’t need to be a result. The process is not rational. There are infinite means but vary rarely, if ever, an end. Dreams are so personal. And today, my brief was to write an article about my dream car, without financial constraints. I have been given a license to spend an imaginary unlimited budget, a license to ‘go crazy’.

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