2015 Mazda MX5 MK4 Driven


This summer, while on holiday in the Black Forest in Germany I stopped at a petrol station and from the corner of my eye I saw a car transporter which carried a number of cars that I looked at with the look of ‘I know you very well but I can’t quite place you’ – the car transporter was laden with various examples of the new MK4 Mazda MX5. I appreciate that the car world is divided about its looks but I think it looks lovely. The front end looks aggressive, bonnet pointing down sharply at the nose, and there is something quite F-type at the rear end which gives it a sense of purpose that no other previous MX5 has had. This is the first MX5 with a ‘nothing’s sweet about me’ attitude.

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MX5 Vs Chris Harris


Harris recently released a video on Pistonheads as to whether he might have been ‘wrong’ in his harsh criticism of the MK1 MX5. He claims that the response to his opinion in the infamous blog written years back led him to believe that you can be rude about anything in this world but not the MX5. He is right.

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