What to consider when buying a convertible


This country is blessed with glorious weather for the vast majority of the year. As I write this article in what is commonly referred to as gloomy February, the sun is shining in all its splendor and the warm breeze has resulted in families going out of their houses en masse to enjoy the weather outside. And if cars mean anything to you, this is the perfect country to own and enjoy a convertible all year round. Ironically, the days when you cannot enjoy a convertible are when it is too hot, but on those days simply drop the top at night and enjoy the magic.

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Considerations when buying a ‘toy’


I have been through quite a few cars in the last years of my life. Petrol has gone to my head. I have learnt to dirty my hands, empty my pockets and feel the immense joy of losing a tenth of a second at the track. I have made impulse decisions which haven’t always gone well and I have driven through some beautiful roads on numerous road-trips. Cars are a disease, an incurable mental condition that intensifies as the years go by.

Here are a few of the lessons I have learnt along the way:

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