The history and development of the original Honda NSX



In the mid eighties, Soichiro Honda decided he wanted to produce a super car that would hold its own against the supercars produced by the established European car manufacturers and he boldly commissioned the development of a mid engine rear wheel drive supercar. In his sights were the Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches of the eighties and more specifically he wanted to take on the Ferrari 328 (eventually 348tb) directly. The brief was to have a car that was faster, more reliable, more useable and importantly cheaper than the Ferrari. Initially Pininfarina was commissioned as designer on the Honda Pininfarina eXperimental (HP-X), and eventually Ken Okuyama and Shigeru Uehara were tasked with developing the New Sportscar eXperminatal (NS-X) prototype. Uehara and Okuyama were also responsible for the design of the Honda S2000[1]. The car took a very long time (six years) to develop and luckily for Honda, this coincided with their engines powering William’s Constructor’s Championship victory in Formula 1 in 1986.

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