A day in the life of Radical Sportscars

2013-05-16 20.18.43

My first foray into motorsport came in the form of a social track-day with the Honda S2000. It was timed and I was hooked. Time became my arch nemesis. Money was spent on brake pads, semi-slicks, three way adjustable shocks and I slashed four seconds from my first attempt. Then I sold the Honda, bought a Lotus Exige, took it to the same track and on the first run out I was a further four seconds slower. Brakes upgraded, gearbox lowered and cooling sorted and I took my time down by a further two full seconds. Time has been a particular enemy to have. Constant, inflexible and with an annoying tick. But something inside me feels the need for a new challenge. I want sharks breathing down my neck and I want to bet with myself on how late the car in front of me will brake. I want to enter circuit racing, give it a shot, and I want to enjoy it.

So I bought a Radical.

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